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FORmation flying of CubEsat assembly for remote sensing

ID-code: ARS01_00922

The project has three very innovative technological aims in the study, development and prototype realization of:

  • – new understanding small modular space systems
  • – spatial systems distributed on several micro platforms in formation to obtain monolithic system functionalities;
    – Earth observation space missions based on passive radar distributed in synergy with existing SAR satellites.
1° goal

A satellite is assembled by connecting togheter a wide number of components on standard mechanical,  electronic and data buses. Each system module implements a specific functionality; the greater the needs, the more modules will be connected. e.g. connecting two electrical power cube modules will provide twice the total power, this can be scaled according to requirements. Other functions may have alternative modules to select, such as the attitude control module which will be selectable based on the required accuracy levels.

2° goal

 The designed micro-platforms  must be able to interact with each other and still to behave as a single platform. That means, compared with standard mission, new functionality, such as the guidance navigation with the a motion control sub-system and the interlink satellite for the telecommunications. The organisational scheme of the distributed system affecting the onboard logic will be object of study as well. This type of approach has great advantages; the possibility of reconfiguring the system in orbit and managing failures redefining the mission requirements is one of them.

3° goal

The solution is based on the concepts of passive and fractional aperture radar. The receiver-only radars can be simplified in terms of power by using the already operational transmitting radar signals. The possibility of implementing a distributed sensor also allows  reconfiguring and adapting different applications and performances during the operational life.

The study is related to the prototype development of an innovative and competitive technologies and requires continuous evaluation   These technologies fall within the interests and development plans of the participating companies, present in the area.


Project Budget

Total Budget:
€ 8'246'432,00
Industrial Research Fund:
€ 5'992'584,00
Experimental Development Fund:
€ 2'337'848,00

ALA Budget

Total Budget:
€ 141' 930,00
Industrial Research Fund:
€ 141'930,00
Experimental Development Fund:
€ 0

Funding & Timing

PON MIUR 2014-2020

until 30-11-2023