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SMall lidAR for environmenT

LIDAR technology for air monitoring in urban and sub-urban area


SMART is an elastic-Raman LIDAR system specially designed to monitor the atmosphere in a very large elevation range: from 30 meters to 20 kilometers, combining compactness, portability, accuracy, autonomy in remote use and ease of operation.


The system can detect both the co-polarized and cross-polarized signals at 355nm and the Raman echo at 386 nm or the co-polarized and cross-polarized signals at 532 nm (under custom request).


Provided with a manual swiveling system, SMART is the perfect solution to monitor industrial emission, urban pollution and all types of airborne particles and to localize pollutants’ sources.


Real time monitoring of:

  • – Atmospheric pollution
  • – Planetary Boundary Layer evolution
  • – Clouds dynamic

What comparison tests say

SMART has been compared several times with a competing commercial system working at the same wavelength (but not easily transportable), always giving better results in terms of detected signals and signal-to-noise ratio

SMART's power supply unit is quite small and high-weight, and does not hinder the system's transportability unlike many competitor products.



•  Output wavelength: 355 nm (or 532 – custom)
•  Detected channels: E355P, E355S, R386 ( or E532P, E532S)
•  Aerosol measurements up to 15 km
• Full overlap at 200 m with very short blind zone (~30 m)
•  PBL and cloud detection
•  Manual swiveling system from 0° up to 90°
• Real time visualization
•  High stability and autonomy in remote use
•  Portability and ease of operation
•  Size: 290x400x500 mm (power supply included)
•  Weight: 40 kg (power supply included)


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