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Configurable Lidar Acquisition SyStem

Power, compact, modular

CLASS is a sophisticated data acquisition system specially designed to give great performances minimizing the volume in a LIDAR system.

It includes a motherboard and up to three or five independent acquisition modules configurable for photo-counting or analog regime. To satisfy different applications requirements, the board can be connected each other.

Small form factor, customizability, high signal-to-noise ratio are its most relevant features.

A simple software, running under Windows, controls all CLASS function and features.

A complete commands list allows user to write their own acquisition program.

The boards can be used both unmounted or mounted in their own box.

CLASS is available in two models:

CLASS standard

the board can host up to five independent modules. It is the ideal acquisition board for complex, multichannel LIDAR systems.

CLASS mini

The board can host up to three independent modules; it is the best solution for very compact LIDAR systems.


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