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COmpact LIdar for airBoRne Investigation

LIDAR technology for UAV investigation


COLIBRI represents the next generation of compact LIDAR.

Combining lightness, ultra-compact size and low power consumption is designed to monitor the space-time distribution of Particulate Matter in the near field and is one of the best LIDAR systems for air quality monitoring on UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), remotely piloted aircraft and balloon sonde.

The device works in the UV region, at 343 nm and can detect both the co-polarized and cross-polarized elastic signal and the N2 Raman echo. The linear depolarization allows identifying particulate shape.

colibri vesuvio
Colibri Capri

Real time monitoring of:

-Air pollution
- Air monitoring from aircraft or UAV

What tests say

COLIBRI has been tested in several occasions and in different environments always giving
good results comparable, in the near field, with those obtained with less compact and more complex LIDAR systems.

COLIBRI has been tested while been powered by a regular car cigarette lighter in a moving car. The test showed COLIBRI is the ideal LIDAR system to create a new and innovative air monitoring system.



•  Output wavelength: 343 nm
•  Detected channels: EP, ES, RN2
• Aerosol measurements up to 5 km night-time, 3 km daytime
• Full overlap at 50 m with very short blind zone
•  Eye-safety
• Real time visualization
•  High stability and autonomy in remote use
•  Portability and ease of operation
•  Size: 240x260x360 mm
•  Weight: <5 kg 


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