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LidAr Synthetic eco Transmitter

LIDAR simulator

LAST is designed to simulate the behavior of the atmospheric echoes, by replicating the large dynamic range of LIDAR signals.

This will give the opportunity to test:

– the linearity of the acquisition unit

– sensors response at different wavelenght and luminous power regime

– the response of all optical and electronic elements of a LIDAR system even in case of a multi-layer aerosol distribution

– the presence of crosstalk between the detected channels

  • transmitter-receiver alignment

signal-to-noise ratio


Designed to simulate the Nd:YAG laser emissions among with its second and third harmonic.

The chosen wavelengths are common to more than 95% of the actual worldwide used LIDAR systems.


Elastic signals

co-polarized and cross-polarized signals at:
355 nm
532 nm
1064 nm

Nitrogen Raman echo

Raman echo at
386 nm
607 nm

Water Vapour Raman echo

Raman echo at
407 nm

Lightness, Compactness, Portability

LAST is as light as possible to avoid any disturbance to the optical alignment of the tested LIDAR.

LAST is compact since LIDAR receiver usually ranges between 150mm and 350 mm.

LAST is portable to test LIDARS on the field; it is also a battery-powered standalone device

A new and effective way to test LIDAR systems

LIDARs are made of several components working togheter to give high level of accuracy of the atmospheric parameters. That is the reason why LIDARs need periodic inspection on the optical and electrical components to reach and maintain the highest quality. In addition, all LIDAR being part of an international network need a comparison with a reference system usually located far away from the single station.
LAST represents a breakpoint in the testing and calibrating LIDARs systems: it allows to test the receiver optical alignment, acquisition system linearity and the calibration of all the parameters that ensure the compatibility between measurements performed all over the world


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