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REference Aerosol Lidar

LIDAR technology for aerosol loading with high research performance


REAL  is an elastic Raman LIDAR system specially developed by ALA to provide a wealth of information about the atmosphere by paying specific attention to aerosol loading in a very large range of altitude from 200m to 30km.


REAL detects the signal by using both the analogical and the photo-counting detection, combining the weak signal from high altitude with the strong one from lower altitude.



REAL has a manual swivelling system that allows pointing the laser beam; the system combines high research performance with portability, friendliness and compactness.


Real su carrello

Real time monitoring of

– Atmospheric pollution

– Planetary Boundary Layer evolution

– Clouds dynamic

– Volcanic ash 

– Desert dust


What comparison tests say

REAL has been compared with two LIDAR systems been part of the Aerosol, Cloud and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure (ACTRIS) network always giving comparable results in terms of detected signals and signal-to-noise ratio.

REAL has been compared with many LIDAR systems been part of the Chinese LIDAR network always giving better results in terms of detected signals and signal-to-noise ratio.

REAL's power supply unit is quite small and high-weight, and does not hinder the system's transportability unlike many competitor products.



•  Output wavelength: 532 nm (or 355 – custom)
•  Aerosol measurements up to 30 km nighttime, 25 km daytime
• Full overlap at 150 m with very short blind zone (~50 m)
•  PBL and cloud detection
•  Manual swiveling system from 0° up to 90°
• Real time visualization
•  High stability and autonomy in remote use
•  Transportability and ease of operation
•  Size (power supply included): 573x355x875 mm
•  Weight  (power supply included): 75 kg


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